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The Lafayette Mill Antiques Center Dealers

Dealers Specialties

Main Telephone

(973) 383-0065

Antique Jungle
Oak & General line

   Ext. 109

Applewood Antiques

Country and formal furniture & lighting

 Ext. 102

Basher, Beryl

Art and antiques

Ext 113

Bogwater Jim

Furniture, industrial, & decorative arts

(973) 383-6057   or Ext 100

Bonforte, Marsha and Lawrence

Unique antiques & accessories

Ext. 109

Joyce Bough
Schoolhouse Gallery

Art & antiques, featuring Western & Indian objects

Ext 108

Carlough, Karin and Herb

 Country Antiques

Ext 103

Craftsman Antiques

Arts & Crafts furniture & accessories

  Ext. 107

Derr, David

Fine Art

Ext 113

Dorflinger, Don

Americana, Photographic & Railroad items.

Ext. 113

Fassel, Ruth

Oak, mirrors, prints, lighting

cfassel@ptd.net Ext. 109

Ferruggia, Kim

Dolls & accessories

  rf916@optonline.net Ext. 107

Friedman, Reziel

General Line

Ext 108

Fundamental Solutions

General line

Ext 109

Goodman, Joan

Showcase "smalls" &

Ext. 103

Grey Cat Antiques
Maggie Krumholz

John Moretti

General line

Ext. 101

Griswold, Suzanne

General line &
fashion accessories

Ext. 107

Gundlah, Linda
Antique Loft

Primitive painted country  furniture & smalls

Ext 113

Gunn, Mimi

General line &

Ext 108

Happle, Sharon and Joe
Sign of the Tymes
Toys, Steiff, & Advertising

(973) 383-6028,  or  Ext. 110

Holmes, Jeff
City Porch Concepts

Deconstruction, upcycling & advertising

973 744-1231 or Ext. 113
Cell: (917) 499-4008

Jones, Liz
On Cape Design

Furniture &

 Ext 108

Lawless, James

Showcase smalls

Ext. 103

Lordi, Maria
General line

                                         Ext. 107

Mariconda, Linda
Whitney House Antiques

 Country Furniture & Accessories

Ext 108

McGale, Maria
     General line & Accessories

 Ext. 101

McNeil, Daryl

General Line & Accessories

                    Ext 113

Mill Mercantile

Country store antiques, lighting & kitchenware

Ext. 101

Millside Cafe'

Cafe', serving breakfast & lunch

(973) 383-1611

Outwater, Liz

Unique furniture, decorative accessories

Ext 103

Pelzman, Henry

Books, quality "smalls"

Ext 113

Richardson, Maria and Gary
Hilltique Antiques

Oak & Country antiques

  hilltique@hotmail.com  Ext. 109

Rivano, Damian

General Line

Ext 108

Romania, Jay
Oak & Vermont items

Ext. 107 

Sabo, Bob

Fine art &general line

      Ext. 103

Santos, Debbie

Country furniture & smalls

(908) 296-8004 or Ext. 113

Shell, Ann

Mid-Century modern
& collectibles

 Ext. 103

Stanek, Barbara
Simple Home

Window Treatments, Fabric Specialties

Ext 103

Sweet P.e.a.'s
Country, garden, & decoratives

(973) 579-6338,  or   Ext. 112

The Joshua Tree    
Victory Frame Shop
Custom framing & display cases

(973) 383-1248,  or  Ext. 105, 111

Vinciguerra, Anthony

Showcase china, small
furniture & accessories

Ext. 103

Zidek, Robin


Ext. 103

The Mill...

Seeing antiques and art with a new vision!

Want to join the Mill dealers?
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